Your pictures of Scotland: 9 - 16 November

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 9 - 16 November. Send your photos to or via Instagram at #bbcscotlandpics.

Alloa Harbour Image copyright Moira Carrigan
Image caption Moira Carrigan went on a morning walk with her dog and was fortunate enough to stumble across this beautiful scene at Alloa Harbour.
Red Squirrel Image copyright Roy Mitchell
Image caption A close up of a red squirrel in action, sporting some "autumn colours" and a "well-groomed" tail. Picture by Roy Mitchell.
Balloons and people Image copyright Peter Montgomerie
Image caption "Balloons and people" in Edinburgh. Captured by Peter Montgomerie.
The kelpies Image copyright Paul Fowler
Image caption Paul Fowler said he was feeling very small while looking up into the face of one of the "magnificent" Kelpies towering under a moody Scottish sky in Falkirk.
Two horses Image copyright Hannah Nordlund
Image caption Hannah Nordlund, from Aberdeen, said she "caught these cuties smooching" in the Highland Wildlife park.
V&A Discovery Image copyright Eleanor Reavey
Image caption A picture of the V&A and Discovery at sunrise in Dundee snapped by Eleanor Reavey from Dunblane.
Beano hay stacks Image copyright Simon Haliwell
Image caption Simon Haliwell came across these "formidable" hay stack Beano characters while on an autumn walk at Crombie Country Park near Dundee.
Allemuir regional park Image copyright Craig Hicks
Image caption Craig Hicks was welcomed with this stunning scene while on a run at Allemuir in Pentlands regional park, just south of Edinburgh.
Fairy Pools in Skye Image copyright Liam Yule
Image caption Liam Yule, who captured this vast image of the Fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, said: "Not all those who wander are lost."
Sunrise at Burghead harbour Image copyright Martin Parsons
Image caption A burnt-orange sunrise on Armistice Day at Burghead harbour, Moray.Picture by Martin Parsons.
A stag on the Isle of Jura Image copyright PAul Bass
Image caption Paul Bass captured this fantastic image on the Isle of Jura. He said the island is "wild and beautiful" and has more deer than humans.
Tribute at Islay Image copyright Ben Shakespeare
Image caption Ben Shakespeare pictured a tribute to the American soldiers and British crew who perished in the seas around Islay in the two troopship tragedies in 1918.
Loch Tay Image copyright Ron Sharp
Image caption Ron Sharp was "chasing rainbows" in Loch Tay and managed to capture not one but two.
Loch Morlich Image copyright PAul Dimmock
Image caption The sun caught sneaking through the November morning clouds at Loch Morlich, captured by Paul Dimmock.
Sands of Sound beach, Shetland Image copyright Jess Allen
Image caption Jess Allan said Alfie, the Welsh terrier, was enjoying himself at the Sands of Sound beach in Shetland.
Alisa Craig sunset Image copyright Eilean Low
Image caption A picturesque view of the Alisa Craig behind a yellow sunset taken from Newton shore by Eilean Low.
A miniature schnauzer on Scald Law in Midlothian Image copyright Julie Ross
Image caption Mora, the 10-year-old miniature schnauzer, out-walked owner Julie Ross when they did three peaks including Scald Law, in Midlothian, in one day.
Squirrel in Linn Park Glasgow Image copyright Jacki Gordon
Image caption Jacki Gordon was pleased to capture a shot of this very busy little squirrel when it decided to take a "breather" in Linn Park, Glasgow.
Sunrise Lilliesleaf Image copyright Curtis Welsh
Image caption At Lilliesleaf, Scottish Borders, Curtis Welsh went for a morning walk and was met with this glorious view.
Dusk at Glen Coe Image copyright Carol Macdonald
Image caption Carol Macdonald snapped this "moody" looking scene of a dusk at Glen Coe.
Pebbles on the beach in Stornoway Image copyright En Yin Lew
Image caption "Pebbles on a beach" captured at Melbost Beach, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, by En Yin Lew.
Blackface tup sheep at Macqueston Farm in Dumfrieshire Image copyright Anders Brown
Image caption Meet the three new 'Blackie Tups' who look like they are posing for a family portrait. It was taken by Anders Brown at Macqueston Farm in Dumfriesshire.

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