Scotland's papers: Football coach jailed and top chef's terminal cancer

image copyrightThe Sun
image captionThe Scottish Sun leads with Celtic Boys Club founder Jim Torbett being jailed for abusing young players during the 1980s and 90s.
image copyrightDaily Mail
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail focuses on the same story, saying Torbett's conviction fulfilled the dying wish of one of his victims.
image copyrightDaily Record
image captionThe Daily Record says predator Jim Torbett was brought to justice "by one of his victims from beyond the grave". It says one of the people he abused, Andrew Gray, died before he could face the former football coach in court.
image copyrightThe Times
image captionThe Times says leading chef, Andrew Fairlie, has a terminal brain tumour and is stepping down from his restaurant at the Gleneagles Hotel. The paper also says the UK government is ready to back a compromise deal on the Irish border after Brexit.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald says crucial government-backed projects worth millions of pounds to Scotland's economy - including hospital and transport plans - have suffered delays, "ongoing setbacks and ballooning costs".
image copyrightThe Scotsman
image captionThe Scotsman says tyre manufacturer Michelin has been accused of "betrayal" after it announced plans to close its factory in Dundee just 18 months after receiving £4.5m in public funding.
image copyrightDaily Express
image captionThe Daily Express says Prince Charles has called on people around the world to stop plastic pollution to create a better future for children like his future grandchild.
image copyrightThe i
image captionThe i says that some MPs have warned that the new Universal Credit system is imposing "arbitrarily punitive" penalties on people who breach the rules.
image copyrightThe National
image captionThe National features a poll which the paper says suggests 38% of people in Scotland believe the UK leaving the EU has made them more likely to back a Yes vote in a new Scottish independence referendum.
image copyrightPress and Journal
image captionThe Press and Journal's Aberdeenshire edition says pensioners have been made to wait weeks for flu vaccination jabs "due to a national shortage and staggered supply".
image copyrightThe Courier
image captionThe Courier's Dundee edition devotes its front page to news that tyre manufacturer Michelin is to close its factory in the city "and throw hundreds of skilled workers on the scrapheap".

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