Scotland's papers: Ex-Police Scotland chief's race claim

Image caption The Times leads with a story about Police Scotland's former chief constable. In documents seen by the paper, English-born Philip Gormley claims he was told his deputy had to be a Scot, which raised his concern about political interference in the service.
Image caption A ScotRail train driver failed a drugs test after his train was derailed by a signalling fault, reveals The Scotsman. The driver was suspended after the routine drugs test following the incident earlier this month.
Image caption The Record reports on the plight of a couple who face upheaval after the Home Office ruled wife Carin Connelly must leave Scotland despite 32 years of marriage to her paralysed husband David. The situation leaves Mr Connolly staying in Scotland alone or moving to a country where he would not get medical care.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads with fresh allegations about sexual harassment and a leading businessman who was gone to the courts to block his identity being revealed. The paper says the prime minister has pledged to act against gagging orders that prevent victims coming forward.
Image caption The Sun runs with the same story under the headline 'Gags to riches'. It says the mystery businessman has spent £500,000 on a court order banning his identity and details of his alleged bullying, racism and sexual harassment from being made public.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail leads with a damning report that says Scotland's health service is not financially sustainable and urgent action is needed immediately.
Image caption The Express leads with the same story, saying the Audit Scotland analysis shows the situation is getting worse. It found health boards are facing a financial black hole of £130m this year.
Image caption On the same story, the i newspaper says most health boards report they expect to be in the red by the end of this financial year. The auditor general says fundamental change is needed in the way the NHS provides care.
Image caption The outcry at an American hunter's trophy pictures of slain animals on a Scottish island is the main story in the Press and Journal. It says ministers are considering legal changes after pictures emerged of a hunting trip on Islay.
Image caption The Courier reports on the jail sentences for the two men who carried out a terrifying jewellery raid at Gleneagles Hotel. The paper also carries a picture of the car transporter that was driven under a rail bridge extensively damaging its load of luxury 4x4s.
Image caption The National splashes with comments made by the Scottish Tories welfare spokesperson Michelle Ballantyne at Holyrood. It reports the outcry when she said that people on low incomes should limit the number of children they have.
Image caption The Herald leads with the continuing international outcry at the shocking death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It says Theresa May has told King Salman that the suspects will be banned from entering the UK.
Image caption The Daily Star leads with a viral social media story featuring Friends star David Schwimmer. The actor filmed a spoof denying he was a look-a-like thief who stole beer from a store in Blackpool.

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