Meet Jamie Genevieve: One face on BBC Scotland's new TV channel

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Viewers will find out how beauty guru Jamie Genevieve became an internet hit

The BBC has announced six new programmes for its BBC Scotland channel launching in February next year. Comedy, drama, documentaries and a game show will be part of the offering.

What are the new shows?

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Darren "Loki" McGarvey will speak to people and visit communities "seldom seen or heard"

The People's News - Topical events will be presented through the eyes of people from across Scotland who "dial in" each week. The BBC says the half-hour long programme will be a "fast-moving and funny opinion show" bringing together views and reactions to the week's big stories.

Darren McGarvey - The series will see Scottish rapper and author, Darren "Loki" McGarvey, take an alternative tour of Scotland where he meets people and visits communities "that are seldom seen or heard".

Last Breath - A feature documentary telling the 2012 story of a North Sea commercial diver stranded on the seabed after his ship's navigation system fails.

Meet Jamie Genevieve - Cameras follow the beauty guru over a "whirlwind three months" to discover how she went from the make-up counter to becoming a YouTube sensation.

Test Drive - Grado - real name Graeme Stevely - fronts the car-based game show where three teams of two go on a road trip through some of Scotland's most beautiful landscapes en-route to a mystery destination.

Modern Scotland Documentary Strand - BBC bosses say contemporary Scotland will be part of the channel's DNA and to that end each film in this strand will look at a "slice of life in today's Scotland", offering documentary-makers and audiences "an opportunity to explore more of the places and stories that give Scotland its unique attitude and voice".

And as well as the new, two long-running BBC Scotland TV programmes will be showcased on the channel.

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The Scot Squad cast will be on their new beat next year

River City - The Scottish drama will feature each Monday night at 10pm. But the show will continue to keep its 8pm Tuesday evening slot on BBC One Scotland.

Scot Squad - Scotland's fictional law enforcers will be back with its mix of comedy and crime.

  • Director General Tony Hall announced in January last year that the BBC in Scotland would be given an additional £40m year, the bulk of which would fund a new channel.
  • When it launches in February next year, it will be on air 365 days per year from noon to midnight.
  • The channel will be made up of 50% new or acquired programming and 50% repeats.
  • It will be available in both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) via Freeview, YouView, Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media (on Freeview, the channel will be available in HD between 7pm and midnight only). The channel and its content will also be available in HD via BBC iPlayer.