The papers: Cancer treatment 'revolution'

Image caption Scientists in Edinburgh have made a breakthrough in their understanding of cancer, reports the i newspaper, which says the new technique can predict how the disease will spread in the body.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Express also leads with the research and reports that scientists hope it will allow them to stay one step ahead of the disease and tailor treatments to the needs of patients.
Image caption Parents are paying up to £174,000 extra to buy a house next to Scotland's best performing schools, according to new figures published in The Herald.
Image caption A critically ill Fife girl could undergo lifesaving treatment for leukaemia in the US if an appeal to raise $1m in a month hits its target, reports The Courier, on the case of six-year-old Darci Jackson.
Image caption Under the headline Bailed To Kill, The Scottish Sun writes that a man who stabbed an artist to death for £10, was twice freed by a court over weapons offences.
Image caption Tax avoiders are being blacklisted by the authorities to prevent them from getting knighthoods and other honours, according to new documents seen by The Times.
Image caption The Daily Mail says that a Freedom of Information request has shown that former breast surgeon Ian Paterson, who was convicted of 17 counts of wounding women in his care, received £216,000 in legal aid.
Image caption The resignation of Labour MP Frank Field over claims of anti-Semitism in his party must be a catalyst for "seismic change" or the party will risk falling into decline and irrelevance", former home secretary David Blunkett has told The Telegraph.
Image caption An astronaut used his finger to plug a leak in the international space station after it was hit by a meteorite, writes The Star, which headlines the story - One Giant Leak For Mankind.
Image caption A fresh case for Scottish independence is more vital than ever, according to SNP deputy leader Keith Brown, who is flagging the issue ahead of the party's second national assembly in Aviemore.
Image caption The former seven times world snooker champion, Stephen Hendry, has spoken of his guilt over the end of his 20-year marriage, writes the Daily Record.

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