Scotland's papers: Scots Muslims on row over burka

Image caption Scotland on Sunday interviews five Muslim women in the light of comments made by Boris Johnson about the wearing of the traditional veil. All agree the MP's remarks increase the risks to women trying to integrate in society.
Image caption The Scottish Sunday Express has a different take on the story, instead highlighting a poll saying Boris Johnson should not be punished by the party for his remarks and that the principle of free speech is at stake.
Image caption A husband whose wife was killed by a truck driver using his phone at the wheel is the lead story in the Sunday Post. Ralph Blackman spoke to the paper to condemn David Shields for taking his eyes off the road and running into his wife Yvonne's car last year.
Image caption The Sunday Mail features a foster mother who has been blacklisted over assault claims which were found to be false. Diane Boyle and husband Karl are now taking their local authority to a tribunal over the matter.
Image caption The US ambassador to London has called on the UK to back President Trump over Iran, reports the Sunday Telegraph. Writing in the paper, Woody Johnson urges Britain to reverse its position on the West's nuclear deal with Iran.
Image caption The Sun on Sunday leads with a Lottery winner who has wed her new partner a year after dumping her ex for being a "gold-digger". Gillian Bayford won £148m.

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