The papers: Mum's plea after Edinburgh 'fireball crash'

Image caption The mother of a young man killed in last Friday's horrific crash in Edinburgh has made a heartbreaking plea in the Daily Record to help catch the "animal" responsible. Jonathan Smith was travelling in his car on Maybury Road when he was involved in the accident, which also left three other people needing hospital treatment.
Image caption The Daily Star of Scotland leads with the same story, with the mother of the crash victim calling the perpetrator "an animal".
Image caption Several others lead with the "looming trade war" created by Donald Trump after he imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico. The i reports that a British plea for an exemption on the huge levies was rejected.
Image caption The Times reports on a plea by the international trade secretary calling on Brussels to step back from a trade war. Liam Fox did not rule out UK counter-measures but urged calm on all sides, says the paper.
Image caption The Scotsman focuses on yesterday's downgrade of the Scottish economic forecast, saying Scotland is facing another five years of financial misery with a £1.7bn black hole in its public finances. The economy is likely to lag behind the rest of the UK, with growth not expected to top 1% until 2023, according to the Scottish Fiscal Commission report.
Image caption On the same story, The Scottish Daily Express reports "Sturgeon's triple whammy' as it claims the first minister has this week had to admit failure over the NHS, poor economic forecasts and a backlash over independence referendum plans.
Image caption Friday's Herald leads with Lord Bracadale's recommendation of harsher penalties on hate crimes. Scotland is set to become the first part of the UK to identify sexist and ageist comments as hate crimes after the High Court judge revealed his report findings.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads on US research into a blood test which can detect 10 types of cancer several years before a person falls ill. The breakthrough is being hailed as a "holy grail", the paper reports, with the head of the NHS saying it could be available in the UK within five years.
Image caption "The Holy Grail" also makes the front page of the Scottish Daily Mail, which says the new tests are 90% accurate. The paper says it works by picking up fragments of DNA released by fast-growing cancer cells.
Image caption The Scottish Sun's front page exclusive describes the story of a knife "fiend" who stabbed a postwoman to death at a party. The paper says the killer named himself 'The Beast' after a movie madman played by Scottish actor James McAvoy.
Image caption "Adios" says The National's front page as it reveals Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's political future is hanging by a thread. It is after members of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNB) signalled their intention to support a motion of no confidence in him in a vote later today.
Image caption The Courier leads with a 1,400% increase in the number of people seeking emergency support from the city council in the past six years. Council leader John Alexander blames the UK government's "punishing" welfare reforms for the sharp rise.
Image caption "Blundering wind farm bosses" are the subject of the Press and Journal's front page. The paper's Inverness edition says the bosses could be hit with a convoy bill of up to £180,000 after ordering turbine parts in the wrong size. It comes after major disruption on the A96 as components of the Dorenell Wind Farm have been delivered. Six huge parts will now have to be sent back.

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