Free sanitary products at Celtic Park from next season

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Celtic ParkImage source, Getty Images

Celtic FC will provide free sanitary products for women at its stadium following a campaign launched by a fan.

The products will be available at Celtic Park from the start of next season on a trial basis.

It follows a campaign by Celtic fan Erin Slaven, who launched an online petition on which gained more than 2,700 supporters.

Campaigners hoped to highlight period poverty and increase the visibility of women's issues in a football context.

Ms Slaven said: "We are delighted to announce that our club will lead the way as the first football club in the UK to provide free sanitary products.

"By the start of August, sanitary products will be available at no cost in all female toilets.

"Celtic plan to provide these products on a trial basis with the aim of installing as a permanent service in December.

"Thank you to everyone who played a part in this successful campaign and to our club for once again showing we truly are a club open to all."

'Progressive step'

She said: "This is a brilliant victory for the activists who have been campaigning to secure free access to sanitary products at Celtic Park.

"After discussions with fans, I'm delighted that Celtic have taken this progressive step to become the first football club in the UK to provide free sanitary products.

"Menstruation should never be a barrier for women participating in football or supporting their team.

"As part of my ongoing campaign to tackle period poverty, I'm meeting the Scottish Football Association next month regarding its policies on menstruation for all football clubs in Scotland.

"Congratulations to Celtic and the campaigners who have fought for this positive step. I look forward to other football clubs and businesses across Scotland following their lead."

A Celtic spokeswoman said: "We are pleased to support this trial, which we hope will be well received by our female supporters."