The papers: The Syrian crisis 'could spark new Cold War'

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The ongoing crisis over Syria dominates many of Scotland's front pages.

The Daily Mail says tensions between London and Moscow have "erupted" as Theresa May links the Salisbury poisonings to the Syrian bombings.

The Scottish Sun says Britain was last night "within hours" of launching air strikes against Syria in response to President Assad's "deadly gas attacks".

The National urged US President Donald Trump "Don't do it" as the world waited for him to make a decision on whether to launch military action.

The i leads with a warning from a United Nations chief that the crisis could spark a new Cold War.

The Telegraph says Theresa May will "justify" airstrikes on Syria before Parliament.

Elsewhere, The Herald leads with one of the candidates in the contest to be the new deputy leader of the SNP saying party members should use the vote to tell Nicola Sturgeon they want a second independence referendum within 18 months.

The Daily Record leads with the story of a woman who "pleaded" with the NHS to help her beat anorexia vowing to sell her home to pay for private treatment.

The Scotsman says a legal victory won over Google about "the right to be forgotten" could have major implications for primary online publishers.

The Scottish Daily Express leads with Sir Cliff Richard, who is suing the BBC for breach of privacy, telling a court he feared he was going to have a stroke when he saw TV pictures of police raiding his home.

The Courier leads with Dundee University seeking £100m of funding for a plan to create more than 1,000 jobs "and turn the city into a world leader in forensic science".

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