The papers: 'The missiles are coming'

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The expected military action against Syria dominates the headlines with the i newspaper focusing on President Trump's tweeted warning to Russia that the missiles "are coming".

The Scotsman says Theresa May has "paved the way" for the UK to join the military response, after she declared "all the indications" were the Assad regime was behind a chemical attack on its own people.

"May's great gamble" is the Daily Mail's headline, claiming the prime minister is ready to defy calls for a Commons vote on such action.

The Times says cabinet ministers will be recalled from their Easter break today to discuss the expected assault.

The Daily Express carries a picture of President Trump tweeting on the crisis, while the Daily Star says the "trigger happy" president has ramped up fears of World War Three.

The National carries a smiling picture of exiled Catalan politician Clara Ponsati, declaring "We're With You Clara" as a sheriff prepares to consider an extradition request from Spain.

The Herald reports on a leading doctor's suggestion that routine operations are cancelled for two months in order to free up emergency beds.

The Daily Record tells the tragic story of a premature baby who was able to give his twin brother the chance of life even though he himself only survived a few hours after birth.

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