Chef praised for 'awful' burger response

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TV chef James Martin has been praised for his response to a Scottish TV and radio presenter after he complained about a "truly awful" burger.

The former Saturday Kitchen host vowed to investigate "personally" after Ewen Cameron shared an image of the dish with his Twitter followers.

The Scots DJ and TV host said he was "gobsmacked" by the £9.50 cheeseburger his wife bought at Glasgow Airport.

He tweeted the chef to show him what was being served in his name.

image captionJames Martin promised to personally investigate

James Martin responded by saying: "Firstly can I apologise and I can assure you I will deal with it personally."

Ewen told BBC Scotland's Stephen Jardine programme the pair had a private message conversation after the TV chef picked up on the Twitter storm around the picture.

The host of STV2's Late Show said: "Fair play, he is going to deal with it and I have got no doubt he will fix whatever issues there are at Glasgow.

Ewen said: "I can't believe how this tweet has gone crazy."

image copyrightEwen Cameron
image captionEwen Cameron said airport food was often disappointing

Speaking from the airport in Paris before returning home, he said he had noticed the James Martin restaurant in Glasgow Airport before flying to France and thought he would try it out.

Ewen explained: "When we went in I noticed the price of the burgers was £9.50 plus and you were not getting chips with that or onion rings or a side salad - just a burger on its own.

"I said to my wife 'I'm not spending £10 on a burger'."

While Ewen went to newsagent WH Smith for a "meal deal" his wife ordered a burger from the restaurant.

"When I got back 10 to 15 minutes later my wife was sat looking at the burger," he said.

The DJ admitted that his wife had told the staff not to put lettuce on the burger, which contributed to it looking less appetising, but he was still disappointed by the meal.

"What they served was the flattest of burgers, which was burnt round the edges, a huge roll that was quite stale and not fresh, with some cheese and onions in the middle.

"It was just poor quality. For £9.50 I was absolutely gobsmacked."

Ewen says he often finds airport food disappointing.

He said: "It is a problem at airports around the country. It is overpriced and it is never as good as you expect it to be. I don't think it is just a James Martin problem."

A statement from Glasgow Airport: "We were sorry to hear of Mr Cameron's recent experience while dining in James Martin Kitchen.

"The images shared certainly don't reflect the high standards we expect to deliver and it was reassuring to see Mr Martin respond personally to the feedback received.

"Our retail team is working closely with staff from James Martin Kitchen to ensure our passengers continue to enjoy the quality products and customer experience they rightly deserve."