The papers: West unites against Putin

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The international reaction to the Salisbury nerve agent attack makes the headlines in many Scottish newspapers, after 18 countries announced they were expelling more than 100 Russian intelligence officers.

The Scotsman quotes Theresa May's speech in the House of Commons in which she described the action as the "largest collective expulsion" of Russian diplomats in history.

Canada, Ukraine, Albania, Norway, the US, Macedonia and 16 EU nations followed Britain in taking the action against President Vladimir Putin's regime, the Scottish Daily Express reports.

The Prime Minister said the unprecedented display of solidarity from the UK's allies sent the "strongest signal" to the Kremlin that it "cannot continue to flout international law and threaten our security", according to the Scottish edition of The Daily Telegraph.

However, the reaction of Russia is the focus of the i newspaper's front page, which reports that the Kremlin described the move as "provocative" and said Putin himself would decide Moscow's response. Russia denies involvement in the Salisbury poisonings.

The Scottish Daily Mail leads with a report on a demonstration against anti-Semitism within the Labour party which was held in London's Parliament Square on Monday. Journalist Robert Hardman described the protest as a "landmark moment in politics".

The lead story in The Times Scotland follows a similar theme, with a report that Labour MP John Mann has warned that the existence of the party is under threat from anti-Semitism within its ranks.

Meanwhile, The National turns its attention to a rally in Edinburgh supporting Clara Ponsati, a former member of Catalonia's regional government, who is facing extradition to Spain from Scotland.

Teachers in Scotland are threatening to strike after their demand for a 10% pay rise was rejected, according to the front page of The Herald.

The Daily Record reports that a teenager who suffered a broken neck in a hit-and-run crash saved her friends by pushing them out of the way of the car. Roisin Walker, 14, has been hailed a hero by the mother of one of her friends.

A sex offender from Peterhead has been flown to the US to face fresh criminal charges, according to the front page of the north-east edition of The Press and Journal.

The Scottish Sun leads with the marriage of an army officer to an actor in London. Hannah Winterbourne, who served her first few years in the army as a man, married Jake Graf, who used to be a woman, on Friday.

And The Courier reports that staff at NHS Tayside could face disciplinary action after money earmarked for digital health programmes was used to mask the extent of its financial problems.

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