Nicola Sturgeon: 'I sipped champagne from the Calcutta Cup'

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Media captionThe first minister joined the Scotland rugby team as they celebrated the Calcutta Cup win.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has described the "jubilation" in the Scotland dressing room after the defeat of England in their Six Nations rugby clash.

Ms Sturgeon had watched from the Murrayfield stand as the Scots stunned England 25-13 in Edinburgh.

She was then invited to join the players for an after-match celebration.

The first minister said: "It was lovely and a great privilege to be a tiny part of that for a small period of time."

Ms Sturgeon told BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie programme she was joined in the post-match celebrations by author JK Rowling.

And she admitted taking "just a sip" of champagne from the cup, which Scotland won for the first time in 10 years.

'Special moment'

She said: "It was huge honour to go down and congratulate the team and I was keen to do it, but I've probably never hugged so many sweaty, muddy guys in one go.

"The guys were on Cloud Nine. That was a good atmosphere - if a little bit crazy.

"I can't remember which player it was but they put the cup in my hands, which was great, and then said take a drink out of it.

"They had put champagne in it so I took a sip out of the Calcutta Cup, which not very many people get to do. It was a really special moment and I'll remember it for a long time."

Image caption Ms Sturgeon had a celebratory drink from the Calcutta Cup after the match

The first minister said she believed the victory gave the whole of Scotland a "feel-good" factor.

Ms Sturgeon said: "Obviously the 60,000 in Murrayfield were euphoric and the sound of Flower of Scotland ringing out in the last couple of minutes of that match was awesome.

"But I think it leads to a general feel-good atmosphere across the country.

"There's no doubt about it - people want to see Scotland win whatever the sport is.

"But with rugby, the Calcutta Cup, the history of that competition, the fact that it has been 10 years since we last won it, I do think that it gives people a boost."

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