Snow roller - nature's own snowball

Image source, Clanger

It might look like someone has been out having fun but the "snow roller" is created naturally.

BBC weather watcher Clanger sent in this picture, saying it was one of many in the fields in Glassford, South Lanarkshire.

"The wind blows chunks of snow along the ground, eventually forming a ball," explains BBC Scotland's chief weather forecaster Christopher Blanchett.

"It is nature's snowball," he says.

Image source, Clanger

Meanwhile, data from the Met Office showed that Eskdalemuir in Dumfries and Galloway had the largest snowfall overnight, reaching a depth of 39cm (15in) at 11:00.

Drumalbin in South Lanarkshire had a depth of 26cm (10in) and Tulloch Bridge in Inverness-shire 24cm (9in)