The papers: Winter 'wreaks havoc' with NHS


Scotland on Sunday reports that NHS insiders have given an alarming prognosis as flu and the recent cold snap "wreak havoc" with the health service.

People calling 999 for an ambulance during the NHS winter crisis have been left on hold for up to 20 minutes, according to the Sunday Post.

The Sunday Times says Scottish ministers have been accused of "sleeping at the wheel" as official statistics revealed the extent of flu-related deaths in Scotland.

The Sunday Herald writes that one of Nicola Sturgeon's closest advisers has called for the rich to be taxed in order to fund a basic "citizen's income" for the poor in Scotland.

The Sunday Mail reports that health boards face being sued by women who say their lives have been ruined by a contraceptive device fitted at Scottish hospitals.

Prime Minister Theresa May is "engulfed" in a row over obscene tweets sent by her controversial new university tsar, according to the Scottish Mail on Sunday.

The Sunday Telegraph writes that Justine Greening is fighting for her job as Theresa May prepares to appoint a new education secretary in a drive to reinvigorate the government's approach to schools.

A review of parole hearings is to be launched after the public outcry over black cab rapist John Worboys's release, according to the Scottish Sunday Express.

And the Scottish Sun on Sunday claims comedian Jason Manford had phone sex with a fan just five weeks before he got married.

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