Scotland's papers: May's Brexit 'disaster'

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Thursday's front pages are dominated by Theresa May's defeat in Wednesday night's Commons vote on flagship Brexit legislation.

The Herald says the prime minister was "humiliated and humbled as her rebel tories inflicted defeat".

It says a humbled Theresa May will travel for more talks in Brussels today.

The Scotsman calls what happened a "galling loss", saying the defeat was damaging to the UK government, forcing Theresa May to seek the approval of MPs before putting Britain's final deal into law.

The National devotes its front page to a Star Wars-themed take on the Brexit Bill.

The paper says "Tories defeated by rebel alliance" with a picture based on the Last Jedi movie.

The Times joins in with its "Revenge of the rebels" front page, saying "mutineers" ensured that MPs must approve the terms of Britain's departure from the EU.

Thursday's i describes a day of high drama at Westminster, calling Theresa May's setback "bruising".

The paper says the result underlined Mrs May's parliamentary weakness as even the support of DUP MPs failed to head off the defeat.

The Telegraph sees the defeat as Tory "mutiny" after 11 of her own MPs refused to back her.

The Scottish Daily Mail calls the defeat a "bloody nose".

Elsewhere, the Scottish draft budget is making the front pages.

The Daily Express claims the SNP are warning of a "tough budget" and says Nicola Sturgeon is at risk of a serious backlash as unemployment continues to grow.

The Press and Journal is championing the cause of trying to stop banks from shutting down branches.

The paper says Theresa May must summon the Royal Bank of Scotland boss and demand he reverses "unacceptable" branch closures.

The Daily Record goes with the court case involving The View frontman Kyle Falconer.

The musician has been fined £25,000 after a drunken air rage incident which caused a plane to be diverted.

And the Daily Star carries the news that comedian Peter Kay has cancelled his 110-date comeback tour.

The paper says "Comedian Peter Kay sparked fears last night after axing his entire Live Arena Tour of the UK and Ireland".

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