Scotland's papers: 'Crossbow slaughter' claims

Shocked neighbours have told The Scottish Sun of the terrifying moment a labourer was shot with a crossbow after a row at a party in Dundee. The paper quotes one woman who described hearing a man crying out that someone had been attacked - before "horrifying screams pierced the air".

The Daily Record also leads with the story and writes that at least two other people were injured in the incident late on Sunday night at the flat.

The Herald details a row between rival camps for the Scottish Labour Party leadership amid claims of a trade union "stitch-up" to install the left-wing Corbyn-supporting candidate, Richard Leonard.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn's inner circle have set their sights on cutting the SNP's presence in the House of Commons to pre-2014 levels and believe they can sweep every Westminster seat in Glasgow as part of a strategy to put the Labour leader into Downing Street, according to The Scotsman.

However, veteran SNP MP Pete Wishart has called on his party to do more to inspire Yes voters, claiming that the loss of 21 MPs at the last election was in part because the campaign failed to offer anything to pro-independence supporters, says The National.

The Daily Mail claims that Labour is the "new nasty party" after what it calls "an outbreak of intimidation and anti-Semitism" at its annual conference when activists reportedly applauded panellists at a fringe meeting who likened supporters of Israel to Nazis.

The i newspaper chooses to focus on UK Labour's announcement that it would bring billions of pounds worth of private finance contracts, used to build hospitals and schools, back onto the public books.

A "bellicose" tweet from US President Donald Trump constitutes a "declaration of war" against North Korea, the regime's foreign minister said yesterday as he threatened to shoot American military aircraft out of international skies, reports The Times.

A British jihadist from Manchester has emerged as a key Isil operative after The Daily Telegraph said it had obtained the first ever footage of the terror group's fighters - including "Jihadi John" - together inside Syria.

The Daily Express leads with claims that millions of pensioners prescribed a daily aspirin can increase their risk of heart attack or stroke by more than a third if they quit taking the pill.

The Daily Star focuses on claims by a lawyer who is representing the man who is accused of abducting British model Chloe Ayling in Italy in the summer.

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