Scotland's papers: Police chief 'stands aside'

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Police Scotland's chief constable being granted "special leave" during a bullying probe dominates many of Scotland's front pages.

The Scottish Sun says Phil Gormley stepped aside yesterday after a third bullying complaint from a senior officer.

According to The Scotsman, Scotland's most senior police officer has gone on leave after fresh bullying allegations were levelled against him by an assistant chief constable.

The Daily Record says it was preparing to reveal Mr Gormley faced a new bullying complaint from an assistant chief constable before he was granted leave.

The Daily Express leads with Scotland's "ailing police force" being "plunged deeper into crisis" after the chief constable stood down temporarily amid a fresh gross misconduct investigation.

The Daily Mail also says Police Scotland has been "plunged into crisis" following the bullying allegations.

The Scottish edition of The Times says the chief constable of Police Scotland has stepped aside on full pay during the investigation.

The Herald also covers the Phil Gormley story but leads with the Royal Bank of Scotland facing the prospect of a fresh legal challenge from shareholders "that could open the floodgates to thousands more compensation claims".

The National says the devastation caused by hurricanes in the Caribbean is "unparalleled in modern times".

According to the Daily Star, thousands of British people are getting ready to flee as Hurricane Irma closes in on Florida.

The i says it is "only matter of time before Isis launches an airborne attack in UK".

The Daily Telegraph says an investigation is under way amid fears "hackers may have stolen the personal data of up to 44 million British consumers in a massive cyber attack".

The Courier's Fife edition leads with a murderer being hunted after a "doting dad" was found dead in his home.

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