Scotland's papers: Couple 'killed each other'


A couple found dead at home in Aberdeen, killed each other in a fatal final row, writes The Scottish Sun. The paper says Karen Flett, 57, and husband William, 56, - who had been married for 37 years - both suffered knife wounds in the tussle in July.

Like many of Tuesday's front pages, the i newspaper focuses on Brexit. Theresa May will press for Britain to enter into a temporary customs deal with the European Union in 2019 to avoid chaos on the day after Brexit as ministers begin to detail their approach to historic withdrawal talks, reports the paper.

The Times claims that the Chancellor Philip Hammond has won a cabinet battle for a business-friendly Brexit transition that could leave Britain unable to strike free-trade deals for years after it has left the European Union.

In other news, the Home Office has been forced to back down from almost 13,000 immigration appeals in the past five years, according to figures obtained by The National through Freedom of Information legislation.

Under the headline Wanted: 500 Teachers To Fill Posts in Scotland's Schools, The Herald writes that councils facing some of the most acute shortages include Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray, while Glasgow and Edinburgh also have significant numbers of unfilled vacancies.

Catholic Church leaders are to hold talks with the Scottish government amid escalating concerns about the level of religious hate crime in Scotland, says The Scotsman.

The decision to silence Big Ben in London for four years is "entirely bonkers", according to a senior MP quoted in The Telegraph. It comes as a £29m renovation begins on the Elizabeth Tower, where Big Ben is housed.

Millions of rail users will find out this morning how much more they will have to pay from next year when officials reveal the latest inflation figures. The Daily Mail predicts that commuters face the highest hike in rail fares in five years.

Ryanair is calling for airports to limit holidaymakers alcoholic drinks by banning them before 10am and giving a two drink limit after an investigation found that drunken passenger arrests increased by 50%, says the Daily Express.

A teenager on bail for two sex assaults lured a victim to a deserted park with a Facebook fraud, writes the Daily Record. The paper says that 19-year-old Kyle Laing posed as a woman called Iona and set up a meeting with his victim, who was advertising clothes for sale.

Sprint legend Usain Bolt put his World Athletics heartbreak behind him with a £15,000 "bubbly boozefest" claims the Daily Star.

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