Scotland's papers: Trump's 'fire and fury' vow


A dog walker suffered life-changing injuries when she was attacked in Dundee's Templeton Woods, reports the Record. The area became notorious for two murders in 1979 and 1980, reports the Daily Record. The paper says the 52-year-old is being treated for serious head wounds following Tuesday's attack.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has "opened a rift" at the top of the Conservative party over immigration, publicly breaking with Theresa May's policy on foreign students and questioning the UK government's 100,000 net migration target, writes The Scotsman.

North Lanarkshire Council, which is embroiled in a scandal involving its Labour leader, has been accused of a cover-up after the council's SNP group were refused permission to see an internal audit report on the matter, says The National.

SNP ministers have been accused of "social engineering" after the number of middle-class students winning a place in a Scottish university on exam results day dropped while the total from poor backgrounds increased, according to The Telegraph.

The Times also leads with the story and reports that the figures showed a sharp rise in those from poorer families earning the grades needed to secure a place at university, while the same statistics showed acceptance rates fell compared with last year for pupils from wealthier areas.

However, the i newspaper says there was "exam joy" for thousands of Scots pupils who will be able to capitalise on the record number of university places for those with the results.

Meanwhile, a controversial qualification which has no external exam should be scrapped after a slump in the number of pupils sitting it, according to a teacher's union chief quoted in The Herald.

In other news, thousands of Scotland's sickest patients have been discharged from hospital too early because of a shortage of beds, according to the Scottish Daily Mail.

The Scottish Daily Express also reports how intensive care and high dependency units are failing to meet new standards for staffing and patients care.

A horrified builder was hit with a £5,000 bill after dozens of "yobs" trashed a lodge he rented for his two-day birthday bash, says The Scottish Sun. The paper reports how Alex Moran's party ended in disaster following the "rampage" by gatecrashers.

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