Scotland's papers: Blaze killer 'stabbed'


The Scottish Sun leads with claims that Blair Logan, who was convicted last month of murdering his brother Cameron in a fire, tried to stab himself in the neck with a pen that he reportedly took from a prison guard's pocket.

Ministers have come under increased pressure to ban the smacking of children after Scotland's solicitors' body supported a law change, saying physical chastisement was "both ineffective and out of step" with any understanding of children's and human rights", according to The Herald.

A schoolgirl has been jailed for subjecting a love rival to an "utterly wicked" acid attack that has left her physically and mentally scarred for life, reports The Scotsman.

"Move over Marvel and DC", says The National, which leads with the news that Scots comic book firm, Millarworld, has been acquired by streaming giant Netflix for an undisclosed sum.

Tesco is to stop selling 5p plastic bags and replace them with "bags for life" costing 10p in a move that could boost the retailer's profits and result in it using more plastic, writes The Times.

Parents should encourage their children to spend more time online to improve their cyber skills and "save the country"', the former head of GCHQ is quoted in The Telegraph as saying.

The overall cost of European Union membership to the UK has been calculated by the Treasury as £156m each week, says the i newspaper, after Leave and Remain campaigners both pointed to the figure as justification for their positions.

Under the headline Abandoned By The Bank You Saved, the Scottish Daily Mail writes that victims of bank fraud should accept the blame and not expect automatic refunds, according to Ross McEwan - the boss of RBS.

European eggs that have been contaminated with the pesticide Fipronil have been imported to Britain as millions of eggs are recalled from supermarket shelves across the continent, claims the Daily Express.

The Daily Record reports how devastated friends of a woman murdered in a quiet borders town have left hundreds of tributes across social media.

The Daily Star devotes its front page to the news that former Girls Aloud star, Sarah Harding, is under 24/7 watch on the set of Celebrity Big Brother after suffering a "meltdown" following her "booze relapse".

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