Scotland's papers: Tories 'turn on May' and indyref election impact

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The future of Theresa May and a second Scottish independence referendum dominate the Scottish front pages, in the wake of the dramatic election result.

The Scottish Daily Mail raises questions over Theresa May's future as prime minister. It reports that "furious" Tory MPs have threatened to oust her within six months after the general election result saw them lose their majority in the Commons.

The Scotland edition of The Times says the "diminished" prime minister was forced to promise Philip Hammond a greater say over Brexit - despite planning to sack him after the election.

The impact of the election result on Brexit is also the focus of The Herald's front page. It reports that Ruth Davidson has suggested Mrs May pursue a more "open Brexit", making economic growth a priority over cutting immigration. The Scottish Conservative leader will now have more influence, given her party's success at the polls, the paper adds.

On the day Scotland faces England in a World Cup qualifier, The Scottish Sun uses a football analogy to explain the election result. Mrs May clung power despite a "sensational own goal - after an assist from her unlikely Scots allies", it reports.

The National leads with the headline "Setbacks will only make our Yes movement stronger". But the paper has also spoken to SNP insiders who have blamed "poor messaging", the so-called "Corbyn surge" and a failure to motivate supporters for the loss of 21 Westminster seats.

Nicola Sturgeon's admission that her push for a second independence referendum cost her party votes, is the main story in The Scotsman.

The Scottish Daily Express leads with a similar story, claiming Ms Sturgeon signalled she could "shelve" plans for a second independence referendum following the outcome of Thursday's poll.

However, the Daily Record said Mr Sturgeon dodged the issue of Scotland's future in her morning-after speech. The paper said Indyref 2 was the "elephant in the room" as she paid tribute to Alex Salmond and Angus Roberston.

The Daily Telegraph claims that Ruth Davidson's Scottish Conservatives are planning to break away from English control to form a separate organisation. Ms Davidson has since taken to Twitter to robustly dismiss the story.

Theresa May's election gamble "spectacularly backfired", according to The Courier. Its headline says the defiant prime minister pledged "certainty" in spite of the humiliating result.

The Daily Star of Scotland says the prime minister was "battered" by the election result, but has vowed to "tough it out".

Meanwhile The Press and Journal leads with the fate of Alex Salmond who lost the Gordon constituency to Conservative Colin Clark early on Friday morning. Mr Clark told the paper that the former SNP leader was responsible for his own downfall and urged him to "hang up his boots, get a lawnmower and cut the grass".

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