In pictures: Scotland in the pink

Blossom along the footpath by the River Forth in Stirling. Image copyright Margaret Douglas
Image caption Margaret Douglas took this picture on the footpath by the River Forth in Stirling. "The blossom was stunning and at its very best," she said.

For just a few weeks of the year, Scotland is peppered with stunning pockets of pink as cherry tree blossom comes into full bloom.

BBC Scotland news readers have been sending us their photographs of the beautiful blossom in their neighbourhoods. To celebrate this all-too-brief season, we have compiled a selection of some of the best.

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Blossom on Bank Holiday Monday taken at Riverside in Stirling on River Forth. Image copyright Stewart Miller
Image caption Stewart Miller said the blossom was like pink snow on the banks of the River Forth in Stirling on Monday.
Blossom in the Meadows Image copyright Simonjuho
Image caption Instagram user Simonjuho took this photo in The Meadows in Edinburgh. He said he was making the most of the only fortnight of the year that the blossom is out.
One of Oban's cherry trees in full blossom. Image copyright Janet Macleod
Image caption Janet Macleod said this photograph of one of Oban's cherry trees in full blossom was evidence that spring has sprung.
Cherryblossom in the garden at Dumbarton Castle & Rock Image copyright doyel.g
Image caption This cherry tree was spotted during a trip to Dumbarton Castle and Rock by Instagram user doyel.g
Blossom trees in Helensburgh Image copyright Karen Fraser
Image caption This tree-lined road in Helensburgh was photographed by Karen Fraser
Blossom in the Meadows Image copyright deedan_12
Image caption Instagram user deedan_12 captured the blossom in Edinburgh's Meadows during an evening stroll.
Blossom lying on the ground beneath a blossom tree Image copyright Haggisthelord
Image caption Instagram user Haggisthelord loves to see a blossom carpet on the ground.
Cherry Blossom trees in Carlingwark Park, Castle Douglas Image copyright Jim Paterson
Image caption A footpath through Carlingwark Park in Castle Douglas is lined with blossoming trees. Jim Paterson took this picture as he walked his Westies.
Trees in blossom in Balgay Cemetery, Dundee Image copyright Frances Menter
Image caption Frances Menter, of Dundee, said she saw this "wonderful tunnel of cherry blossom" in the city's Balgay Cemetery

All pictures are copyrighted.

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