Scotland's papers: 'It's all about May'


One story dominates Scotland's front pages, the prime minister's decision to call for a general election on 8 June.

The Herald writes that it was a decision known only to her closest Cabinet allies, her husband Philip and, it seems, Sir Lynton Crosby, the election guru behind the Conservatives' 2015 election victory.

Theresa May has said her snap general election is a chance to make a compelling case for the United Kingdom as she called on Scots to oppose another independence referendum, is how The Scotsman reports the story.

However, under the headline Now is The Time, The National quotes Scotland's first minister as warning Mrs May that her decision to call a snap election is a "huge political miscalculation" which could strengthen the case for a second independence referendum.

Theresa May is on course to win a majority of more than 100 in a June snap election, with Labour's pro-Brexit voters deserting Jeremy Corbyn, according to polling data in The Times.

Meanwhile, the i newspaper claims that the prospect of a general election presents opportunities for the SNP to advance its cause - but also a number of pitfalls for the party, which the paper says faces pressure to repeat its 2015 showing in the polls.

Mrs May has promised to campaign "unashamedly" to protect the "very precious union" amid hopes of a Tory revival north of the border, says the Scottish Daily Mail.

Likewise, the Scottish Daily Express also focuses on the future of the UK and writes that a Scottish Tory vote could "kill off" the prospect of a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The "usually cautious" prime minister's bid to rule out "game-playing" opposition with her surprise political shake-up raised more than a few eyebrows at Downing Street, according to the Daily Record, which headlines its story It's All About May, May, May.

"Weary" Scots will "trudge" to the polls for a seventh time in three years after Theresa May called a snap election, is how The Scottish Sun reports the news.

The Daily Star of Scotland writes that the PM "sent shockwaves" through Westminster as she sought to capitalise on her huge 21-point lead over Labour in the polls and strengthen her hand in the House of Commons.

The Press and Journal says Mrs May's decision is a "Brexit gamble" after she said Britain needed certainty and strong leadership during negotiations to exit the EU.

Under the headline The Lady is For Turning, The Courier quotes Mrs May as ruling out an early election then changing her mind.

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