Scottish school building defects: Is your secondary or primary on the list?

Image caption, Work has been carried out on two East Renfrewshire schools including at Mearns Primary

Here is a breakdown of responses to BBC Scotland's Freedom of Information (FOI) request regarding schools affected by construction defects.


Aberdeen City Council said no work had been done or was planned. PPP Schools had non-intrusive structural surveys carried out in April and May 2016. The local authority said its PPP Schools were not built using a brick skin construction,


Work is anticipated on five schools over the next six months after intrusive surveys were carried out. The local authority does not name the schools involved but does say: "The identified works are not of an emergency nature and there are currently no significant risks to structural safety or building integrity." The council currently oversees 152 primary schools and 17 secondary schools and four special schools.


Work is required on wall and header ties at one school;

  • Woodlands Primary in Carnoustie.

Work has been carried out on header ties at three schools;

  • Burnside Primary, Carnoustie
  • Strathmore Primary
  • Forfar Primary
  • Whitehills Primary, Forfar.

Argyll and Bute

Both visual and intrusive surveys of the council's Non Profit Distributing Organisation (NPDO) estate were carried out during 2016. These surveys identified that remedial works were required to certain areas in regard to wall and header ties.

The schools affected were;

  • Oban Primary Campus
  • Lochgilphead joint Campus
  • Dunoon Grammar
  • Rothesay Joint Campus
  • Hermitage Academy.

The council said: "A programme of remedial works was completed in summer 2016 to address all concerns. The surveys and remedial works were carried out by the council's project partner ABC schools limited. The council liaised closely with them in regard to the surveys, remedial works and the independent structural engineer who was appointed to oversee matters. Throughout the entire exercise all occupied areas were confirmed safe for use by the independent structural engineer."

City of Edinburgh

The balance of the PPP, NPD and Design and Build schools are being subject to a technical review by structural engineers as part of an estate wide review process.

To date the reviews and any associated required inspections have not yet given rise to instructions for remedial works on the PPP2, NPD and Design and Build properties but this exercise is on-going. The figure for Edinburgh remains at 17, however this may increase once the surveys have been completed.


Works carried out at Clackmannanshire's two academies.

Minor bulge was detected in the external west gable end wall at;

  • Alloa. An extension piece was added to an existing lintel and bricks were removed. Some minor cracking in this location was also evident and was repaired with helix reinforcement across the crack in each bed joint. All work was completed on 10 December 2016.

Reinforcement work was also carried out at the PE block at;

  • Lornshill Academy, while bricks were re-pointed on a brick wall on 25 November 2016.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

The local authority said it did not have any PPD/PPP projects.

Dumfries and Galloway

The council said: "No work done after visual surveys. Intrusive surveys scheduled. For PPP schools, visual (non-intrusive) surveys took place over April/May 2016. Precautionary intrusive surveys are scheduled for April 2017."

Dundee City

Work done on three schools;

  • St Andrew's Primary
  • Craigowl Primary
  • Grove Academy. (Surveys pending).

East Ayrshire

No work. Visual inspections. Further inspections now being carried out.

East Dunbartonshire

No work done or planned.

There was an intrusive survey of our six PPP secondary schools carried out by an independent consulting structural and civil engineering company in April 2016.

Their conclusion was that our schools are structurally safe. There was some minor cracking in some mortar joints, but these were not detrimental to the structural integrity of the building and were rectified during routine maintenance and repair tasks. There have been no surveys carried out on our design and build schools post construction as the council is satisfied the schools have been constructed in-line with the structural engineers design and specification

East Lothian

The following work was carried out at some of our PPP facilities between November 2016 and February 2017: Remediation to rectify inconsistent embedment, remediation to ensure embedment of wall ties, installation of additional header ties, windposts tied to inner leaf, installation of additional windposts.

The work was carried out at;

  • Dunbar Grammar School
  • Knox Academy
  • North Berwick High School
  • Preston Lodge High School

East Renfrewshire

Work took place at two schools;

  • St Ninian's
  • Mearns Primary


No requirements for works. Visual inspections and two intrusive surveys to sample the estate.


Issues with wall ties saw work at two schools. Work on one masonry panel was done at;

  • Fair Isle Primary during April 2016
  • Oakley Campus had work on two masonry panels carried out in May 2016

Glasgow City

Glasgow City Council said 22 school required "minor wall and header ties work".

The schools were;

  • All Saints Secondary
  • Bellahouston School of Sport
  • Castlemilk High
  • Cleveden Secondary
  • Drumchapel High
  • Eastbank Academy
  • Hillhead High
  • Holyrood Secondary
  • Hyndland Secondary
  • John Paul Extension
  • Knightswood Primary
  • Knightswood Secondary
  • Lochend Community and Extension
  • Notre Dame
  • Rosshall Secondary
  • Shawlands Games Hall
  • Smithycroft Secondary
  • Springburn Academy
  • St Andrews Secondary
  • St Margaret Mary's Secondary
  • St Mungos Academy
  • St Thomas Aquinas Secondary.

A council spokeswoman said: "All the schools surveyed by the independent structural engineer were declared safe to occupy and the additional remedial work carried out as a precautionary measure and part of the planned routine maintenance of the schools."

The council also said Lourdes Primary School in the city, which was constructed under a design-and-build contract, also needed work.


The council identified blockwork damage to a school which they have not identified. The defects were fixed to the council's satisfaction.

In addition, wall tie concerns were identified at Ardnamurchan High. As yet no problem has been found but an "intrusive survey", involving the removal of a sample of brickwork, will be carried out.


The council said it has a single PPP contract covering four schools (two primary schools and two secondary schools). "Minor remedial works involving the insertion of remedial wall ties were undertaken at three of the schools between 17-22 October 2016 to small areas identified from previous intrusive surveys."

Work was also done at;

  • Inverclyde Academy, which was not constructed under the PPP system.


Both visual and intrusive surveys of the council's PPP schools estate were carried out during 2016. These surveys identified minor remedial works that have now been completed. The minor works were completed in 2016. The work was carried out at;

  • Tynewater Primary and did not involve wall ties, header ties and/or bed joints.


Moray has two schools - Elgin Academy and Keith Primary - built under PPP in recent years. The council said an independent consultant had been appointed to carry out intrusive surveys to ascertain structural integrity. "The surveys found no immediate cause for concern or health and safety issues", the authority said.

In response to the FOI, the local authority said the information requested was not held by the local authority. Their responding letter stated: "The information requested is not held here at the council, but is with a contractor who informs they have created a response but have sought legal council on the response prior to releasing it to us."

North Ayrshire

No work required. Intrusive surveys done.

North Lanarkshire

One school had work. Design and build. Visual inspections were carried out.


No work required or carried out. No surveys have been undertaken, D&B schools in Orkney were supervised by Clerk of Works.

Perth and Kinross

The council said: "The PPP schools in Perth & Kinross were visually surveyed in May 2016, and the as-built drawings are in the process being analysed. There is no visible evidence of any structural defects, but after the drawing analysis has been completed, PKC may instruct intrusive investigations."


No work. Council says "nothing to report" but it explains that the Scottish Futures Trust have been told by the Scottish government to consider the Cole Report and issue guidance if necessary.

Scottish Borders

No works of the types described and no structural works on any of the type of projects described. Detailed inspections on PPP schools, including a degree of intrusive and routine elsewhere (non-intrusive).


There are no PPP or NPD schools in Shetland and no schools are affected.

South Ayrshire

None in current operational PPP schools. Visual surveys on all schools.

The local authority responded by saying: "South Ayrshire Council is currently reviewing the Cole Report to decide which actions/recommendations to take forward. This work is being carried out in conjunction with Scottish Futures Trust. A report on the outcomes will be available in due course."

South Lanarkshire

One school. Blockwork rebuilt in seven stairwells due to lack of movement joints being installed at;

  • Duncanrig High


Three schools have had work work done;

  • St Modan's
  • Wallace High
  • Balfron High

The council said: "Work was carried out at Balfron High School (Stirling Council's only PFI school) during 2016. This included installing a number of helical wall ties where none had been installed or where they did not have sufficient embedment. Additional wallhead restraint and tying to vertical steel members was also undertaken. This work was completed before the school returned from summer holidays in 2016, subject to more minor works, which were also identified and which are to be completed by August 2017.

"At no time was the school completely closed, although years one, two and three were moved to other schools for a short period.

"In our PPP Schools (Wallace High School, St Modans High School, Stirling High School, Raploch Campus, McLaren High School and Dunblane High School) our PPP contractor undertook desk top and intrusive tests and completed two additional wall head restraint supports at St Modan's and Wallace High. These were not deemed essential by structural engineer but were carried out as precautionary works."

West Dunbartonshire

No works and non-intrusive visual inspection undertaken in April 2016 by the contractor and the local authority.

West Lothian

Intrusive investigations were carried out to ascertain if there was adequate wall tie embedment at;

  • Armadale Academy
  • Deans Community High
  • Bathgate Academy

The council said: "The investigations involved removing small section of brickwork in specified locations to allow the structural engineers to assess wall tie embedment and other forms of restraint. On completion of the investigation all openings were closed up.

The investigation at Armadale Academy concluded that header ties and frame cramps were present as required, however where wall ties were exposed, approximately half did not achieve the minimum required embedment in the outer leaf.

The structural engineers concluded that remedial work was not urgently required but should be programmed at the earliest convenient opportunity.

The installation of remedial wall ties to all areas of brick/block construction followed and this work was undertaken in July 2016 and overseen by in-house Clerk of Works and West Lothian Council appointed structural engineers.

The investigation at Deans Community High School concluded that in general the wall ties at Deans Community High School were found to have adequate embedment with the exception of one area at the dining hall. Installation of remedial wall ties were carried out to this area. This work was undertaken in May 2016 and was overseen by in-house Clerk of Works and West Lothian Council appointed structural engineers.

The investigation at Bathgate Academy concluded that apart from one specific area within the sports hall, the wall ties were installed correctly. Remedial work was carried out to this area by the PPP1 contractor and this work has been reviewed by West Lothian Council appointed structural engineers for assurance purposes."

The BBC's FOI asked: "Please could you give details of work done to PPP (public private partnership), NPD (non-profit distributing) or design and build schools in the past 18 months to the present day involving wall ties, header ties (wall head restraints), bed joint reinforcement or other significant structural issues?

"Please outline any planned work to be done to PPP, NPD or design and build schools involving wall ties, header ties, bed joint reinforcement or other significant structural issues. Please include what kind of work is planned and when."