Scotland's papers: Sturgeon's 'game' and Celtic's Lionheart


Two figures dominate Friday's papers - the Prime Minister Theresa May and Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell.

Mrs May will accuse Nicola Sturgeon of ignoring the priorities of ordinary Scots because of an "obsession" with independence, writes The Herald, which trails Mrs May's speech to the Scottish Conservative conference in Glasgow.

The Scotsman says that Theresa May will accuse Nicola Sturgeon of treating politics as a "game" to further her drive for Scottish independence at the expense of improving children's education.

The i newspaper also leads with the prime minister's comments that the SNP is treating its time in charge of Scotland as a "game", adding that the party has been neglecting the nation's economy, NHS and education system.

However, in response, The National writes "You can't do to Scotland what you want and get away with it", as it quotes Nicola Sturgeon warning the prime minister.

Under the headline "May Savages Sturgeon", the Scottish Daily Mail writes that Mrs May will say maintaining the Union is a "personal priority" as she "savages" the first minister for "tunnel vision" over independence for Scotland.

In the same vein, the Scottish Daily Express writes that Theresa May has "roasted" Nicola Sturgeon for playing "games" with the lives of Scottish citizens who "don't want a referendum".

In other news, The Times claims that British taxpayers will help to fund a "private army" to protect MEPs as part of a record 2bn Euro (£1.7bn) spending spree by the European parliament next year.

Tommy Gemmell's widow Mary has spoken of her sorrow after losing the "love of my life", according to The Scottish Sun, after the football player passed away at the age of 73.

The Daily Record also leads with the story and reports how the death of the Celtic legend - one of the great Lisbon Lions who became the first British team to win the European Cup - was announced by the club yesterday.

Eastenders chiefs are sending Danny Dyer to prison as the "exhausted" star takes a rest from the soap, according to the Daily Star.

The uncle of a teenager presumed dead after falling from cliffs at Arbroath has been jailed for heroin dealing, reports The Courier.

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