Scotland's papers: Migrant deal and drinking parents warned

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The subject of a "bespoke" immigration deal for Scotland post-Brexit is the lead for both The Herald and The National.

The Herald reports that such a deal has been ruled out, despite a Holyrood committee warning that the country would suffer economic repercussions without it.

The committee has called on the UK government to allow the 181,000 EU nationals living in Scotland to stay, according to The National.

Meanwhile the Scottish Daily Mail leads with a warning for parents who drink a glass of wine a night. It reports that NHS chiefs are warning that people who drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week are more likely to neglect or abuse their children.

The length of time homeless families in Scotland spend in temporary accommodation has risen by almost a fifth in the last two years, according to the front page of The Scotsman.

President Trump features on the front pages of both The Times and the i newspaper.

The Times reports that his comments about Vladimir Putin have sparked anger in the US, after he conceded that the Russian president is a "killer". He went on to suggest that the United States operates in a similar way to Putin, the paper added.

The i newspaper reports that MPs in the UK have threatened to boycott a Trump visit to Westminster.

Katherine Jenkins has "rubbished" claims that she did not deserve her OBE, according to The Scottish Sun. It comes after the decision to award the Welsh singer an honour was allegedly criticised by David Beckham in hacked emails.

The Daily Record leads with news that "hard-up families" stand to win back £138m in tax credit benefits. It reports that 23,000 claimants will have their cases reviewed.

A driver was found to be using a dead relative's disabled parking permit in a major anti-fraud crackdown, according to the front page of the Aberdeen edition of the Press and Journal.

The Courier leads with an interview with SNP MP Chris Law, who has spoken out against "malicious" allegations which led to a police investigation.

Theresa May has ordered civil servants to draft laws allowing the UK to "slash taxes", according to the Scottish Daily Express.

And the Daily Star of Scotland reports that detectives investigating George Michael's death have ruled out foul play.

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