Scotland's papers: Tax 'attack' and Kylie's 'heartbreak'

Nicola Sturgeon has warned Theresa May that it would be a "democratic outrage" if the prime minister attempted to block a second Scottish independence referendum, according to The Herald.

The National reports how Ms Sturgeon has said the Tories are "running feart" of a fresh Scottish independence referendum after Defence Secretary Michael Fallon "got himself in a tangle" on whether his party would block such a vote.

About 372,000 Scottish workers will pay £400 more income tax this year than their counterparts elsewhere in the UK after the SNP and Greens united at Holyrood to pass the government's budget, says The Scotsman.

The Times Scotland writes that more than a third of a million Scots will be worse off next year after the SNP government agreed a tax-raising budget deal with the Greens.

Under the plans, which were approved last night by MSPs at Holyrood, the threshold at which Scots start paying the higher 40p rate of tax will be frozen at £43,000, despite rising to £45,000 in the rest of the country, says the i.

The Scottish Daily Mail claims that the SNP has been accused of "caving in to the demands of the hard left" with the policy, which will leave Scots "paying more than they expected" from April.

There is consternation from the Scottish Daily Express on the story, which writes that a "grubby backroom deal" has resulted in a £108m "raid" on pay packets.

In other news, the Daily Record reports that police have called in diggers to search near missing Scot Lisa Brown's Spanish home. The major operation was prompted by a tip-off in the hunt for the mother-of-one, who vanished in November 2015.

Kylie Minogue has "ditched" fiancé Joshua Sasse over suspicions he has cheated on her, according to an exclusive in The Scottish Sun.

The Daily Star of Scotland claims that a "royal insider" has told American magazine US Weekly that Prince Harry thinks Donald Trump is a "serious threat to human rights."

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