Scotland's papers: Donald Trump and Theresa May 'love-in'

Most of the Scottish newspapers feature Theresa May's meeting with Donald Trump on their front pages.

The Daily Record says Britain's so-called special relationship with the USA seems to be in safe hands after President Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May met for the first time yesterday.

The Herald writes that President Trump has insisted that Brexit will be a "fantastic thing for the United Kingdom,", as he claimed that the ties between Britain and America had never been stronger during the historic first meeting with Theresa May.

The Scotsman reports that the US president has given his strong backing for Brexit, telling Theresa May that "a free and independent Britain" would be "a blessing for the world".

The National says Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from the Queen to make a formal state visit to the UK - and Whitehall Sources have told the BBC they expect the new president to come north of the Border and visit Scotland during his time on this side of the Atlantic.

The i newspaper says Donald Trump has used his first official press conference with a foreign leader to throw the full weight of the US presidency behind Brexit.

The Scottish Daily Mail reports that the meeting between Donald Trump and Theresa May was one of the most extraordinary days in the long history of UK-US relations.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, Donald Trump last night promised a golden era of British-American co-operation and friendship.

The Scottish Times reports that President Trump hailed Brexit a "blessing to the world" as he accepted the Queen's invitation for a state visit to Britain this year.

In other news, the Scottish Sun reports on claims about Celtic coach Mark McNally.

The Press and Journal says a man has been charged over an attempted murder in Peterhead.

The Courier writes that one of the SNP's most prominent MPs has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a four-month police probe.

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