Ayoub Sisters Robert Burns tribute top iTunes chart

Ayoub Sisters
Image caption The Ayoub Sisters have seen their single Melodies From Scotland top the iTunes chart

Two musical sisters from Bearsden are celebrating after their record released in time for Burns Night topped the classical charts on iTunes.

The Ayoub Sisters recorded their hit Melodies From Scotland with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

It features some of Burns' most famous works, including Auld Lang Syne and My Love is Like A Red Red Rose.

The sisters, who have since recorded with producer Mark Ronson, have now signed a contract with the label Decca.

Although their parents are not from Scotland, the sisters said they were brought up with a love of Scottish music.

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Media captionThe Ayoub Sisters have seen their single Melodies From Scotland top the iTunes chart

Sarah Ayoub told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme: "We were born in Glasgow but our parents are actually Egyptian so when we'd have guests at home in Glasgow, we'd be summoned to the lounge and requested to play Scottish music."

Laura Ayoub said the sisters wanted to put their own mark on the music. She told the programme: "We intentionally wanted to put our own spin on it. For example, you hear Mairi's Wedding and Scotland The Brave in this piece, but they are played in a style that's almost unrecognisable."

The pair's talents were recently spotted by award winning producer Mark Ronson. They had posted a cover of his hit Uptown Funk on YouTube only to be contacted by him days later.

Sarah told the programme: "Mark Ronson must have seen the video and summoned us and a couple of other musicians to record a new cover in Abbey Road Studios in London.

Laura added: "We'd uploaded the video about four or five days before we then received the email, which means that the time we were uploading that video was exactly the time he was going through YouTube finding these covers. It had like 20 views , which were all from our mum, so it was really just luck."

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