Scotland's papers: Corbyn's 'gaffe' and mother's cry

Children were tortured at Scottish schools, children's homes and residential units with waterboarding, sleep-deprivation and force-feeding among the practices deployed to torment them, reports The Herald.

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that retaining access to the European single market is more important than reducing migration from the EU after Brexit, backing away from an earlier suggestion that Labour was "not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens", says The Scotsman.

The UK Labour leader is accused of incoherence and "dancing to the Tory tune" on immigration after he appeared to change position on the free movement of people at least twice in the space of 12 hours, according to the National.

Meanwhile, The Times Scotland writes that Mr Corbyn's attempt to re-launch his leadership "descended into disarray" as he "backtracked" on a wage cap and immigration policy hours after proposing them.

The i paper reports how Mr Corbyn has backed imposing a salary cap on Britain's highest earners, condemning the "ridiculous" salaries of company executives and Premiership footballers.

In other news, the Scottish Daily Mail reports on the death of seven-year-old Katie Rough, who was found bleeding to death after she finished primary school on Monday. The paper reports how her mother found her seriously injured.

The Daily Star of Scotland also leads with the story and says a 15-year-old girl has been charged with murdering Katie.

The Nationalists have spent more time at Holyrood "lamenting Brexit" than discussing Scotland's schools crisis, claims the Scottish Daily Express.

The Daily Record pictures six "good friends" - all from one Glasgow community, who have died in the past nine months after taking what the paper describes as "deadly street valium".

A murdered teacher's family have begged the fugitive Scot who is the prime suspect in the case to give himself up. The Scottish Sun says Harris Binotti fled his flat in Myanmar hours after his colleague Gary Ferguson was found beaten to death inside.

Thousands of Dundee households will be "hammered by hefty council tax increases" of up to £545 even if the local authority chooses to freeze bills again, according to The Courier.

The Press and Journal leads with the news that helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky has grounded all S92 aircraft worldwide for safety checks following an incident on a North Sea platform.

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