Scotland's papers: Simpsons' prediction and Trump's 'revenge'

Donald Trump must be given "the chance to lead", his defeated rival Hillary Clinton has insisted, as the Republican victor told the nation that he would seek to heal its divisions and be "president for all Americans", according to The Herald.

He vowed to be "president for all Americans" after pulling off his "astonishing" victory in the race for the White House, says The Scotsman.

The National says the "billionaire reality TV star turned President-elect" Donald Trump will meet Barack Obama to discuss the transition of power between the two after the Republican's astonishing victory.

Donald Trump vowed to heal a "stunned and divided" America after his presidential election victory dealt a stinging rebuke to political establishments across the west, is how The Times Scotland reports the story.

Meanwhile, The Scottish Daily Express says Scottish politicians are being warned they could face a backlash after criticising the president elect.

A revolt by America's "forgotten" white working class swept Donald Trump to the presidency, according to the Scottish Daily Mail.

The Daily Record's front page headline reads: "Yes folks, they really did do it". The paper says that 16 years after it was predicted on the TV programme The Simpsons, Donald Trump has been elected president of the USA.

Likewise, The Scottish Sun features a still from the animated show and says America woke up to the reality of President Donald Trump - 16 years after it was jokingly predicted in The Simpsons.

The Daily Star of Scotland features a picture of the new first lady in a bikini and writes that "scary" billionaire Donald Trump celebrated victory in the presidential election by promising a "better, brighter" future.

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