Scotland's papers: Inflation 'bites' and double killers

The National leads with the news that fans of the Football Manager computer game can now add Brexit and Scottish independence to the scenarios facing players in the 2017 version of the game.

Inflation is raising "painful" Brexit fears, according to the i paper, which says rising fuel and clothing costs are to blame for a rise in the cost of living.

On a similar note, The Herald writes that Scottish families stand to lose hundreds of millions of pounds over the next few years from a combination of rising inflation and a freeze on welfare payments.

Also on the economy, The Scotsman says the "sluggish" performance of Scotland's economy has been blamed for house prices rising at around half the rate they have been across the UK as a whole over the past year.

In other news, a schoolgirl and her boyfriend became Britain's youngest double murderers yesterday after she was convicted of killing a churchgoing dinner lady and her daughter, writes the Scottish Daily Mail.

On the same story, the Daily Star of Scotland says jurors took just two and a half hours to convict the girl of killing popular Liz Edwards and her youngest daughter Katie, who were found butchered at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire, on 15 April this year.

The Scottish Daily Express claims anger has erupted over a lack of checks to stop Calais Jungle migrants posing as children to get to Britain.

A mother has told a judge at the Court of Session in Edinburgh that she woke naked and in agony after she was raped by two ex-footballers, reports The Scottish Sun.

The North Sea is on the verge of a "whole new lease of life", says the Press and Journal, thanks to hundreds of small pools of oil.

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