Subway petitioned to ease restrictions on dog travel

Dog on the Subway Image copyright Sheri Scott
Image caption Olive the French Bulldog has previously travelled on the Subway in her basket

A petition calling for changes to the rules on bringing dogs onto the Glasgow Subway has gathered more than 1,000 signatures.

Sheri Scott was told she could not bring her pet onto the underground in a basket despite having done so in the past.

She is now petitioning Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to make the underground more pet friendly.

SPT said small dogs were permitted if they were in a "secure container".

It added that assistance dogs, such as guide dogs, were always allowed on the subway.

Image copyright Sheri Scott
Image caption Olive and her owner Sheri

Ms Scott wrote on the petition: "I would love the support of fellow Glaswegians and dog lovers to help bring Glasgow Subway up to date and allow dogs through their sliding doors.

"Rules are there for a reason, I get that, but in this day and dog-friendly age, it just seems unnecessary."

She says her pet, five-and-a half month old French Bulldog Olive, had been on the subway in a basket the past, but that she had recently been told by staff this did not count as a secure container.

In a Tweet to Ms Scott, SPT said she had to use an "animal carrier where the dog can't escape or urinate on the seats".

Image copyright Sheri Scott
Image caption Ms Scott claimed the subway was behind the times in offering dog-friendly facilities

Speaking to BBC Scotland News, she said the restrictions were "out of date".

She said: "It's just a bit bonkers… who carries their dog in a cage?

"I understand there's some dogs that might not be suited on the subway - for example, if they are really excitable.

"It's about being realistic about what your pet will be able to cope with. If you have a calm, obedient dog then why shouldn't they be able to go on?

Ms Scott says she has "never had any problems" on other forms of public transport.

The rules about animals on public transport in Scotland

  • SPT's conditions of travel state that "animals are not allowed on the Subway with the exception of assistance dogs and small animals in secure containers."
  • National Rail says that passengers can take dogs, cats and other small animals with them free of charge and subject to conditions. Dogs must be on a lead or contained in a basket.
  • Lothian Buses rules state that small animals are allowed on at the driver's discretion. Again, dogs must be on a lead and other animals must be secured in a suitable cage. Edinburgh Trams rules are the same.
  • CalMac Ferries welcomes pets too, and set out its rules in its pet policy.
  • First Bus Glasgow also says that the decision is at the driver's discretion, and that dogs must be kept on leads.

Ms Scott said it was ironic that Olive had travelled on the replacement bus service everyday with no problem when the subway was closed.

"She has been on the train, buses etcetera. She brings smiles to all the customers - she's so chilled."

Ms Scott argued that SPT's policy was outdated, and that many dog-friendly facilities now existed in Glasgow.

Image copyright St Lukes
Image caption One dog-friendly restaurant even offers a special menu for pets

One restaurant, St Luke's, even offers a dog menu. It features pet favourites like chicken and rice, ice cream and fish with scrambled eggs.

She said the pair had found dog-friendly hair dressers and nail salons in the city centre to visit.

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