Filmmaker Anthony Baxter takes on Donald Trump again

Donald Trump and Molly Forbes Image copyright Getty/Montrose Pictures
Image caption Molly Forbes claims she was without a proper water supply for five years after it was accidentally cut off during construction of Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf resort.

A Scottish filmmaker who documented the controversy surrounding Donald Trump's luxury golf development in the north-east of Scotland is again preparing to take on to the American presidential candidate.

Anthony Baxter won awards at film festivals around the world for his critically-acclaimed 2011 movie You've Been Trumped despite it being branded a "failure" by the powerful property magnate who reportedly tried to prevent BBC2 from screening the documentary.

As Trump squares up to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the US presidential race, Montrose-based Baxter is putting the finishing touches to a hard-hitting follow-up to his original project.

You've Been Trumped Too revisits the family of Michael Forbes, four years after the Trump International Golf Links opened in Aberdeenshire.

Mr Forbes was the "David" to Mr Trump's "Goliath" in the first film, as he refused to sell his land to the US tycoon.

Water problem

But Mr Trump's representatives in Scotland have already criticised the project, accusing Baxter of "peddling lies and nonsense" about the company for years. They said they have not seen the film and have "no interest" in it.

Baxter claims the Forbes family have been without a proper water supply for five years - since construction workers accidentally cut it off while they were building the luxury golf resort.

Despite promises from the Trump organisation to fix the problem, the filmmaker said he found Mr Forbes's 92-year-old mother, Molly, using a wheelbarrow to collect water from a nearby stream.

Their experience, according to Baxter, shows that "what [Trump] says and what he does are two very different things".

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Image caption The documentary will show previously unseen extracts of Baxter's interview with Trump for an earlier film
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Image caption Michael Forbes packed his kilt for his first ever trip to the US

The film is expected to open in independent cinemas across the UK at the end of October but Baxter is especially keen for it to be seen by an American audience before the US presidential election.

He told the BBC Scotland website: "The Trump organisation said back in 2010 that the Forbes would have the best water they'd ever had.

"But while Trump was running for president, Molly Forbes was collecting water with a wheelbarrow from a nearby burn. What he says and what he does is two very different things."

And he questioned Trump's pledge to create thousands of jobs with the golf resort on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

'Upscale B&B'

"He's under pressure at the moment over not releasing his taxes and says constantly that he's created tens of thousands of jobs," said Baxter.

"He promised 6,000 jobs in Scotland but he created a few dozen jobs, one golf course, a clubhouse and an upscale B&B.

"What he promises and what he delivers are very different.

"It's important to get it out to American voters before the election. It's a side to Donald Trump they have never seen before."

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Image caption Michael Forbes and his wife visited the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

He hopes to raise $75,000 (£59,000) through crowd-funding to boost awareness of the project in the US and have it shown in movie theatres across the country. In five days, the project has raised more than $35,000 (£27,500).

The film also follows Michael Forbes and his wife, Sheila, as they travel to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio,

Baxter said the couple wanted to try to understand the appeal of Trump and to speak to delegates about their own experiences in Aberdeenshire.

He added: "I was amazed to observe the ongoing consequences of Donald Trump's actions in Scotland, at the very same time he was running for president and felt it was a story American voters needed to hear before 8 November."

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Trump International Golf Links said: "We have not seen the so-called film and have no interest in it.

"Anthony Baxter is not a credible journalist or filmmaker. He has no interest in the facts or the people of north east Scotland.

"He has propagated lies and nonsense about the company for years in an attempt to make a name for himself off the back of Trump.

"We operate a highly acclaimed, five-star golf resort and enjoy a great relationship with the local community and all of our neighbours with the exception of a few who have fought the project since its inception."

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