Scotland's papers: May's attack and Barton's blues

Theresa May has accused Nicola Sturgeon of playing down the effect of a plunge in the global price of oil and criticised the first minister for her post-Brexit independence push, writes The Herald.

Meanwhile, senior figures in the SNP are "secretly preparing" the independence blueprint that Nicola Sturgeon hopes will take the Yes camp to victory in a second referendum, claims The Times.

The Scotsman reports Prime Minister May's criticism of other western leaders over their response to the migration crisis. Mrs May has also called for a tougher stance on economic migration.

The National leads with the MoD admission that the UK took part in an airstrike that accidentally killed Syrian troops fighting Daesh.

According to the Scottish Daily Mail, Scotland loses the equivalent of one GP each week and the paper warns that patients will be put at risk by the growing number of doctors leaving the profession.

Britain will get an "ambitious" trade deal with the EU without having to accept unlimited EU migration, Theresa May has promised, says the Scottish Daily Express.

Many of Scotland's front pages feature Rangers midfielder Joey Barton, who has been banned from the club for three weeks. The Scottish Sun leads with claims concerning an alleged investigation into the suspended Rangers player.

Tom Watson has challenged critics plotting to oust him as Labour's deputy leader to "bring it on" - but warned it would condemn the party to a renewed bout of damaging in-fighting, says the i paper.

The Daily Star of Scotland writes that TV star Michelle Keegan had to be "dragged to safety" from an early morning nightclub brawl.

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