Scotland's papers: Indyref poll and hospital bacteria warning

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Two-thirds of Scots are now opposed to another vote on Scottish independence being staged before Britain leaves the EU, according to the Scottish Sunday Times..

The Sunday Post leads with a warning to hospitals over fears that cleaning wipes were contaminated with bacteria.

The Sunday Herald has a special independence referendum anniversary edition, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the front page claiming independence transcends Brexit.

Alex Salmond is on the front of the Scotland on Sunday with the headline 'Salmond eyes indyref2'.

A woman who says she escaped the World's End killer Angus Sinclair features on the front page on the Sunday Mail.

The Scottish Sun on Sunday talks to a Scots holidaymaker who is paralysed after breaking his neck in freak fall off a bucking bull ride in Portugal.

A Syrian migrant being smuggled into Britain on a Ryanair flight using a fake passport is the front page lead in the Scottish edition of The Mail on Sunday.

'May we marry Ma'am?' is the headline on the The Sunday Express with reports Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank are in Scotland to ask the Queen for her blessing for their engagement.

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