15 facts about Scotland's population

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The National Records of Scotland (NRS) has published its annual review of the country's population statistics in 2015.

The top-level figure - that Scotland's population has grown to a record high of 5.37m - is no surprise. It's been growing steadily since 2000 and NRS statisticians predict it will continue to do so until at least 2039.

But beneath that top number is a huge amount of other data, contained in almost endless spreadsheets, which is published each year as part of the review.

The statistics paint a fascinating and occasionally surprising picture of Scotland - the state of the nation, as the NRS puts it.

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Hatching, matching and dispatching

Births, deaths and marriages are the bread and butter of the NRS's annual review.

1. The figures tell us there were 55,098 births and 57,579 deaths registered.

2. There were also 29,691 weddings and 1,671 of them were same-sex marriages.

3. Only 64 couples opted for a civil partnership last year - 33 of them male couples and 31 female couples.

4. Of the deaths, 1,150 were related to alcohol.

5. 147 men died in transport accidents, compared to 44 women.

6. There were 504 adoptions - the highest figure for 10 years

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Age matters

7. In 2014, there were 433,235 people in Scotland aged over 75.

8. NRS statisticians predict this figure will grow to more than 800,000 by 2039 - an increase of 85%.

9. If you were a woman aged 50 or 51 last year, there were more of you than anyone else.

10. Your life expectancy at birth in Glasgow was 73.4. In East Dunbartonshire, it was 80.7.

11. The average age at death last year was 76.9.

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Coming and going

12. The area of Scotland with the fastest growing population over the last 10 years is East Lothian - up 11.1%.

13. Argyll & Bute and Inverclyde are the fastest shrinking - both down 3.8%.

14. 24 is the most common age for people to leave Scotland. The destination for 2,060 of you last year was elsewhere in the UK, with 1,011 going abroad.

15. If you're aged 90 or more and moved to Scotland from overseas last year, there are seven others who did just that.

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