Scotland's papers: Named person ruling and 101 'raffle' line

Councils trialling the controversial named person scheme should be "quaking in their boots" over a potential deluge of legal action after legislation the policy is based on was found to be illegal, writes The Herald.

The Scotsman says the judgement by the UK's highest court is "deeply embarrassing" for the Scottish government.

Scottish ministers will press ahead with the scheme but change a part of the legislation which did not comply with human rights law, reports The National.

The Scottish Daily Mail says that judges blocked the controversial law to appoint a named person for every child in Scotland, "blasting the scheme as 'totalitarian'".

Likewise, the Scottish Daily Express brands the legislation a "state snooper scheme".

In other news, The Times writes that the UK government has "stunned the energy industry" by announcing a further review of the Hinkley Point nuclear power station - hours after EDF, the French state electricity giant, approved the project.

A knifeman who stabbed a neighbour to death over TV noise has been jailed for 18 years is the lead story in the Daily Record.

The Scottish Sun says there is "outrage" after the police 101 number - which was said to be under pressure during the Lamara Bell M9 crash scandal - was used to claim raffle prizes from the force.

The disabled son of model Katie Price was at the centre of a £1m kidnap plot, claims the Daily Star of Scotland.

The Press and Journal features a graphic image of an elderly woman who suffered injuries in a fall at a care home in Aberdeenshire.

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