Scotland's papers: Crackdown in Turkey and new currency plans

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Many of the Sunday papers tell the unfolding story of the attempted military coup in Turkey and its aftermath.

The Scotland on Sunday reports that as armoured tanks rumbled to a halt on the Bosphorus Bridge, one of the Middle East's key power brokers was "tipped into bloody chaos".

The Sunday Times leads with the headline "Turks crush coup", reporting that gunshots split the air as helicopters and fighter jets screamed overhead.

The Sunday Mail describes how thousands of soldiers were arrested as the Turkish government promised vengeance against all involved in the military coup foiled by a bloody popular uprising.

The Sunday Telegraph says that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan embarked on "a revenge mission" against the military plotters, raising fears for the future of democracy in the area.

The Sunday Post reports on a father who described how he and his family hid in the room of their hotel in Turkey as a military coup "wreaked havoc" around them.

The Sunday Herald leads with an "exclusive", reporting that the SNP is considering plans to ditch its policy on an independent Scotland sharing the pound and replace it with a new currency pegged to sterling.

New EU migrants who come to Britain could be sent home to stop a pre-Brexit immigration surge, according to The Mail on Sunday.

And the Sun on Sunday reports that "shattered" T in the Park boss Geoff Ellis has revealed his heartache over two suspected drug deaths at the festival.

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