Scotland's papers: May's Union vow and 'BoJo' is back

The Scotsman says Theresa May has pledged to fight "burning injustice" and protect the "precious, precious bond" of the Union as she began her term as the UK's 54th prime minister.

On the same note, The Herald writes that the new prime minister has begun her premiership with a heartfelt commitment to maintaining the Union between Scotland and England while also appointing a raft of leading Brexiters to key roles.

The National pictures Mrs May as the fantasy character Cruella de Vil and quotes her saying "I'll save the Union". The paper describes her pledge as "barking".

Theresa May sacked the chancellor and promoted Boris Johnson to foreign secretary as she promised to lead a "country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us", says The Times.

Mrs May made a dramatic start as prime minister by "giving the boot to Chancellor George Osborne" - and appointing Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson as her foreign secretary, writes The Scottish Sun.

The Daily Mail reports that Boris Johnson has "bounced back" days after his own PM dream "imploded" after Theresa May made him foreign secretary and then "sacked George Osborne before handing top Cabinet jobs to Brexiteers".

There were sweeping changes to the government, writes the Press and Journal, with Boris Johnson elevated to foreign secretary and former foreign secretary Philip Hammond named as chancellor.

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