Andy Murray's Wimbledon title joy on social media

Andy Murray has done it again - becoming Wimbledon champion for the second time - and this time he said he intends to really enjoy it.

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Media captionWimbledon 2016: Andy Murray beats Milos Raonic to take second title

Instant joy

Image copyright Andy Murray/Instagram

It didn't take long for him to dive into his celebrations, popping into an ice bath with the Wimbledon trophy.

Proud mum

Andy's mum Judy was also close by to join in with the triumph.

Image copyright Judy Murray/Twitter

Dog gone

Not all Murray's family were able to witness his big day first hand - his grandfather Roy missed the Wimbledon final to look after his dog.

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Media captionAndy Murray’s grandfather missed Wimbledon win to look after dog

Going live

The morning after, twice Wimbledon champ Murray revealed on a Facebook Live that there had been some good celebrations and he now can't wait to go to Rio for the Olympics.

Image copyright Andy Murray/Facebook

And finally

Meanwhile, all the jubilation brought to mind some of Andy Murray's other high times on social media.

Image copyright Rob Koenig/Twitter