Scotland's papers: Brexit fallout as vote 'splits' UK

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The fallout from the United Kingdom's vote to leave the EU understandably dominates the front pages of Scotland's newspapers.

The Herald focuses on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon saying Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will is "democratically unacceptable".

The Daily Record says Nicola Sturgeon has started an emergency independence referendum in a "desperate bid to protect Scotland's place in Europe".

The Scotsman carries a picture of Prime Minister David Cameron announcing he is to resign as the effects of the Brexit vote are felt.

The Scottish Sun says Nicola Sturgeon warns Westminster a second referendum on Scottish independence is on the cards within two years.

The Scottish Daily Mail says the EU vote has created a "Disunited Kingdom" which has been "torn apart by deep divisions" over Europe.

The Scottish Daily Star leads with Nicola Sturgeon saying a second independence vote is "highly likely".

The Times says the vote to leave the EU threatens to break up the UK, which has been hit by what the paper describes as a "Brexit earthquake".

The Scottish Daily Express says Scotland is facing "fresh constitutional chaos" after David Cameron quit in the wake of the Leave victory.

The Press and Journal says Scotland is getting ready for "indy ref 2".

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