EU campaign push and NHS staffing pledge

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The EU referendum returns to centre stage on the front pages - but the killing of MP Jo Cox continues to influence tone of the coverage.

Scotland on Sunday asks if there is any hope that the final four days of campaigning will avoid the bitterness and rancour that characterised much of the debate in the days up to Thursday's tragic events.

Nicola Sturgeon has made an appeal to "Yes" supporters, says the Sunday Herald, telling them that voting Remain is the best hope for a second independence referendum.

The Sunday Mail declares itself for the Remain side, urging people to vote "love not hate, peace not war, in not out".

The words of the man accused of killing Jo Cox - who told a court his name was "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain" - is the headline for the Sunday People.

The Scottish Daily Mail on Sunday also leads with the story, describing it as a "revolting new low" in a British court.

A promise by Nicola Sturgeon to unveil new laws setting down minimum staffing levels in the NHS is the front pages story for the Sunday Post which hopes it represents "action to tackle crisis on the wards".

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