Scottish papers: EU polls and super moths

The Herald describes a "Tory meltdown" as 66 MPs staged open revolt against George Osborne's proposed Brexit Budget.

The Scottish Daily Mail claims Scottish support for the EU has "plummeted" as voters reject "Project Fear" scaremongering, according to the latest polls.

Meanwhile, The Scotsman says independent forecasters have warned there is a "high" risk that Scotland's economy will be damaged if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

In other news, The National says that prominent Scots are among signatories to an open letter, published in the paper, condemning what it claims is the use of the Orlando massacre by figures such as Donald Trump to stoke Islamophobia.

The Daily Record leads with a campaign by a mother from Ayr whose five-year-old daughter Tilly has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Michelle Sharkey is now facing a battle to raise thousands of pounds for treatment in California.

Under the headline "Tinker Taylor snogs a spy", the Scottish Sun pictures Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston kissing. It comes two weeks after the singer split with her Scots DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris.

The Herald reports on a breed of "super moth" it says is coming the way of Scottish gardeners. The diamondback moth - a pest so strong, it is resistant to most insecticides, can quickly devastate crops and has already "wreaked havoc" in England.

The Daily Star of Scotland leads with further details of the clashes between Russian and English fans at the Euro 2016 Championships in France.

The Courier reports on calls to the first minister to locate Scotland's new social security agency in Dundee.

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