Scotland's front pages: Johnson's 'whopper' and Liam Fee claims

Nicola Sturgeon has launched a scathing personal attack on Boris Johnson live on TV as the "gloves came off" in the most passionate exchanges of the EU referendum campaign so far, writes The Herald.

The Scotsman says that the first minister accused the former London mayor of telling an "absolute whopper" about the cost of remaining in the European Union during a "fiery" televised debate.

The National carries the same top line and added that immigration, the NHS, the economy, the Conservative Party and the character and tone of the two campaigns dominated the debate between prominent Remain and Leave campaigners.

The Scottish Sun pictures Chancellor George Osborne and Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson meeting a bull called Boris and says Mr Osborne "let fly at the Nats" claiming a vote to stay in the EU would kill off a second independence referendum.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair and John Major have warned that a vote to leave the European Union would jeopardise the unity of the United Kingdom by undermining peace in Northern Ireland and bolstering the Scottish independence movement, writes The Scottish Daily Mail.

The Scottish Daily Express claims that migrants have been caught "trying to sneak into Britain" at a rate of one every six minutes.

A whistleblower says social workers were in touch with the Fees a day before toddler Liam's murder and they missed multiple chances to rescue the two-year-old, reports the Daily Record.

The Press and Journal features images of a devastating fire that engulfed the Britannia Hotel in Bucksburn, causing residents to flee for their lives.

A substance abuse charity in Dundee that helps addicts has been saved after a last-minute £52,000 donation, says The Courier.

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