Scotland's front pages: Footie attack foiled and police uniforms

One in three middle-class people could not pay an unexpected bill of £500 without resorting to borrowing, reports The Times.

Police Scotland is set to introduce a hijab as part of its uniform to encourage more Muslim women into the force and address the under-representation of officers from ethnic minority backgrounds, according to The Scotsman.

The Herald leads with claims by the Stronger in Europe campaign that Scottish firms will be hit with a £2.2bn "export tax" if Britain leaves the European Union.

The man who has offered a job to an Australian mother battling to keep her family in the UK has confirmed to The National that he will continue to sponsor her application for a visa.

The Express claims that bookmakers have slashed the odds of a Brexit vote after a surge in bets on the EU referendum outcome.

Teachers are threatening to bring a "winter of discontent" to Scotland's schools by threatening industrial action in a row over their workloads, says the Scottish Daily Mail.

The Daily Record reports how intelligence officials in Ukraine say a man was planning 15 attacks on key pieces of infrastructure, ahead of this summer's European Championships in Paris.

Grégoire Moutaux, 25, was held with 275lbs of TNT, two grenade launchers, five AK-47s and 5,000 rounds of ammo, says The Scottish Sun on the same story.

Sixty-year-old Brit Doreen Collyer has been named as the tourist killed by a shark at popular surfing spot 21 miles north of Perth, Australia, according to the Daily Star of Scotland.

The Press and Journal reports that Inverness judo star Stephanie Inglis has opened an eye for the first time since her accident nearly three weeks ago.

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