Abuse of tea and love listed in lunatic asylum admissions archive

NHS Grampian Archives tweet Image copyright NHS Grampian Archives

Abuse of tea and disappointment in love have been listed as suspected causes of distress in a lunatic asylum archive released by NHS Grampian.

The list, tweeted by the NHS Grampian Archives account, details causes of admission to the Aberdeen Lunatic Asylum in 1847.

Among the more conventional conditions are death of relatives, fright and head injuries.

Less conventional symptoms include irregular habits and vegetable poison.

The entry on tea attributes "sedentary lifestyle - abuse of tea" as a supposed cause.

NHS Grampian said: "Some of these terms would never be used today, however, documents like this provide a valuable insight into the past."

The health board is urging people to discuss their experiences of mental health, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year's theme is relationships.

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