SNP 'go it alone' and Tory 'roar'

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'The Ruth Hurts's declares the Daily Record after Ruth Davidson's Scottish Tories pushed Labour into third place - and Nicola Sturgeon secured a historic third term in government for the SNP.

The paper says the vote was a "Groundhog Day" re-run of the independence arguments and says Ms Sturgeon faces an "impossible" task to reunite the country.

The Scottish edition of the i newspaper says a "seismic shift" has taken place in Scottish politics with Labour's misery showing no signs of abating.

A number of papers - including the Scotsman - focus on the SNP's plan to rule as a minority government with no formal coalition deal after failing to secure an absolute majority.

The Courier says that means the first minister is likely to be forced to concede some ground on key policies.

The National focuses on Ms Sturgeon's conciliatory victory speech - saying it is her intention to reach out to voters who did not support her and quietly persuade them of the merits of independence.

Her "softer note" stands in contrasts with Ruth Davidson's call for the SNP to rule out a second independence referendum, observes the Herald.

The Press and Journal also leads with the Tory leader's challenge while its front page is dominated by cartoon images of the three main leaders slugging it out on a tiered podium reflecting their parties' numbers in the new parliament.

The SNP's indyref 2 plan is "in shreds" say the Express, citing Ms Davidson's claim that the SNP have no mandate for another referendum - while the Daily Mail describes the Tory resurgence as the "roar of middle Scotland".

The Times, its Scottish edition, says a "humbled" Nicola Sturgeon is waking up to a "harsh new reality".

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