Campaigners call for more action on cold homes

cold homes

Campaigners have called on the Scottish government to end the "scourge" of cold homes.

About 62% of homes across Scotland are "unhealthily cold", new estimates have suggested.

A coalition of groups is asking for a commitment to make all homes energy category C standard by 2025.

About 1,482,000 homes in Scotland are rated below C, which is the minimum level of warmth needed to reduce the risk of death and ill health.

More than 50 major civil society and business organisations have signed a joint-statement calling for the next Scottish government to make a commitment that "No one in Scotland is living in a hard-to-heat, draughty home, by 2025."

Alan Ferguson, chairman of the Existing Homes Alliance said: "These figures show that if the next Scottish Government set an objective to bring all homes in Scotland to at least a 'C' energy performance standard by 2025, they could end the scourge of cold homes currently affecting thousands of households across Scotland."

Performance certificates

The figures were compiled using recent data from the register of Energy Performance Certificates, known as EPCs.

The coldest homes are in Highlands and Islands, where 76% of people live in a property that falls below category C for energy performance.

Image copyright Existing Homes Alliance

Dr Sam Gardner, head of policy at WWF Scotland, said: "Heating Scotland's buildings accounts for over half of our climate change emissions.

"Ensuring every home reaches a C Energy performance standard by 2025 is the minimum level of ambition required to allow our climate change targets to be met.

"A political commitment that no-one should live in a hard-to-heat, draughty home would be good for millions of households, and would drastically reduce emissions too."


The figures also show that the households in the lowest energy efficiency bands are also more likely to be living in fuel poverty.

Only three constituencies in Scotland had more more than half of households living in a home of an "acceptable" energy efficiency rating.

These are Glasgow Shettleston, Edinburgh Northern and Leith, and Glasgow Anniesland.